Web Video Marketing is Smart for Local Business

A majority of local businesses continue to use conventional advertising methods such as the Yellow Pages, newspaper ads, local radio, television and Clipper ads. With frustration, a growing number of these same small businesses are discovering that the traditional forms of advertising are performing less effectively than before.

It might seem reasonable, given that advertisers are finding it more difficult to sustain their business volume in present-day economic conditions, that they might consider charging reduced rates. But local advertising costs remain increasingly expensive for small business.

This presents a keen opportunity for a growing number of local businesses that are discovering that web video marketing is a powerful results producing and cost effective advertising solution.

New video technology innovations now make it possible to produce affordable tv style commercials for small businesses and publish them over the internet to acquire new customers more rapidly than ever. These videos can produce highly qualified local leads. And the video medium provides plenty of approaches to present your offer and drive new customers through the door.

The best news is that the cost won’t come anywhere close to what you would spend to produce a television commercial. With a properly crafted and executed video marketing campaign, you can more easily gain exposure all over the Internet with top rankings on search engines including Yahoo, Google and Bing. More importantly, video marketing can be a strategic marketing method to help a small business dominate the first page of Google for local search.

The online video marketing channel is compelling. For the first time since the introduction of the television people spend more time in front of their computers than they do watching tv. And statistics indicate that time spent watching Internet videos is a fast growing trend.

This is just one of the many reasons why web video marketing is emerging as a powerful advertising channel for small business. Let’s face it, consumers using the YellowPages as a resource to search for local businesses is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Today, more people than ever reach for their iPhone, Blackberry, PDA or notebook computer to search for almost everything they need. And with today’s improved and expanding local search capabilities on the Internet, people can track down businesses nearby that have what they’re looking for very quickly and easily on the web.

If you have a small business and you want to more effectively reach your local market, you should pay careful attention to web video marketing. If a small business does’t have a strong online presence, they’ll begin to find themselves at a distinct disadvantage to the competition. And web video marketing is a proven means for small and local business to gain a dominant online presence.

Bottom line, video marketing for your local business will help you generate more qualified leads, improve conversions and acquire new customers at a faster pace than with your current marketing activities.

What would an increase flow of new customers mean for your business?

Most small businesses should have some form of marketing budget allocated for advertising to acquire new customers. It’s difficult for any business to grow and expand without a successful marketing plan to spread the good word. At NewCorridor, our clients that currently spend on advertising are quick to recognize the value in web video marketing.

In almost all cases, leveraging the power of video marketing on the web will cost less than a small business’s advertising spend on more traditional methods including the YellowPages, newspaper, magazines, local radio and television. And the improved marketing results that deliver new prospects and convert new customers are amazingly effective with online video marketing.

New customers are the lifeblood of every small business. If you’re not satisfied with your current lead generation, and you’ve been frustrated with your attempts to harness online and Internet marketing, then contact NewCorridor. We’d like to show you just how effective and affordable web video marketing can be for your local business.


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