Video Marketing Tips For Local Business

Many small and local business owners are aware that Google is the dominant search engine online and can deliver more traffic than Bing, Yahoo and AOL combined. But what many business owners may not realize is that YouTube is the second busiest search engine. And, of course, Google owns YouTube.

As part the universal search initiative that began over three years ago, Google is focused on serving up content across all of their databases including video. And this means that Google will often return video search results on page one for video content that is properly optimized for local search.

And this makes web video marketing one the most powerful and cost effective methods of delivering search engine traffic for small and local business. Video Marketing has become a powerful way to acquire sales and generate leads. It can be the best way to grab your prospect’s attention online.

To produce a great video, here are several tips and approaches to create effective video content.

Sales Video  — Using sales videos to market your local business will tirelessly keep your message in front of your prospects online 24/7. When coming up with a sales video, the simple approach is to describe a specific problem or challenge your prospects encounter and then provide them with a solution to solve that problem. Focus on generating leads by offering to provide them with more details and helpful information about the problem solution in exchange for their email address.

How-To-Video — People search online for tips, instructions and tutorials about how to use a particular product or perform a certain task. Educational how-to videos are the perfect vehicle for small and local businesses to reach out and provide useful instructions that provide the answers. Again, this is a form of the “problem and solution” approach, but you actually provide the step-by-step solution in the form of a training video guide. You don’t have to give the farm away and divulge all of your inside secrets, just provide some beneficial help.

For example, a dog trainer could offer a simple how-to video that helps a pet owner control their dog’s barking. Or a local dry cleaner could provide a training video about stain pre-treatment that might improve the dry cleaner’s ability to remove the stain once the customer brings in the article of clothing.How-to videos establish you as the local expert and your prospects will appreciate the information.The next time they have a need for your product or service, they’re already familiar and comfortable with your ability to solve their problem.

And if you practice the same lead generating technique of exchanging valuable how-to instruction information for your prospects email address, you can follow-up with your prospects and maintain your visibility.

Movie Trailer Video Approach – Lure your prospect in with a video movie trailer that highlights the benefits of your products or services. Give viewers a few reasons how your products and services can benefit them. Give them enough to pique their interest but end with a cliff hanger to draw them in and take the next step. Your objective should be to sufficiently interest your prospect to take a small action step and visit your website to opt-in to your email follow-up marketing campaign where you can fill them in with more details about your business, products and services.

Keep Your Videos Brief and To The Point – When you create videos keep them short and to the point. Users online have a brief attention span and if you make your videos too long, you’ll the audience attention. You can even include the length of the video in your video title, for example, “3-minute video teaches you how-to …”. This let’s the viewer know that you won’t be taking more than 3 minutes of their time. For longer videos, if you need more than 3 minutes to present your video content, consider breaking up into a series of videos. This is also an ideal technique to gain more SEO leverage.

Brief video ads and commercials designed for local business and properly optimized for local search can be extremely effective for generating qualified targeted leads. NewCorridor specializes in video marketing for local business. Contact us for more information and learn how we can help you ramp up your lead generation with a video marketing campaign.


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