Video Marketing for Small Business

Small Business is embracing video marketing at a rapid pace. And for good reason. Using video media to promote your products and services and generate targeted leads flat out works. It’s not a passing fad.

Many small businesses are either intimidated by the thought of producing video or have the wrong impression. Understandably, we’ve all seen the cheesy, amateurish video ads produced for small businesses on local television and cable networks. The truth is, most businesses of any size would prefer to avoid the schlocky image these tacky video commercials portray. At the same time, the idea of a top-end video production feels out of reach and far too expensive for the typical local business.

Here’s some good news. Leveraging video marketing on the Internet can strike a smart balance that achieves a perfect middle ground. Combining today’s advanced video technology with the Internet as a delivery channel, compelling and effective video advertising can be produced at a very affordable cost. Video that any small business would be proud to display for everyone to see!

And small business is discovering that video marketing actually delivers. Online video marketing is proving to be one of the most effective ways for small business to acquire new customers.

Leveraging video to communicate your marketing message makes sense. As much as we’d all like our prospects to take the time and read our carefully crafted written communication, let’s face it, we live in a visual and auditory world. People want to be entertained. And we’re all in a hurry. The video medium is ideal for communicating a well-crafted marketing message in a short amount of time. Video tells a story and has the ability to convey a sense of your business personality and company style in a manner that’s more difficult with the written word.

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Here are some interesting findings from WebVisible, a recognized local online advertising company. They recently released the second installment of their study “State of Small Business Advertising”, which examines trends in their customer base of nearly 12,000 small business advertisers.

Video capability was the single fastest growing feature that small businesses have added to their websites over the past year. In Q4 2008, only 5% of small business websites had video. A year later, in Q4 2009, that number jumped to 19%, almost a four-fold increase. That is a pronounced trend.

At NewCorridor, video marketing is one of the key strategies we provide for our small business clients. Adding video to your online marketing strategy is not only great for SEO and generating traffic, video is an attention grabber that will also improve conversions.

If you’re not thinking about harnessing video as a strategic part of your online marketing strategy, you really need to give it serious consideration. Give us a call at NewCorridor and let’s talk about a video marketing campaign that will improve your customer acquisition online. The results will truly astound you!


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