Video Content Ideas for Your Video Marketing Campaign

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and put together a video marketing campaign for your small business. First, let me congratulate you on a smart decision!

The first question we typically encounter with our local business clients is “what should we put in these videos”? Most people feel a little overwhelmed trying to come up video content ideas for their video marketing project.

Here are a few simple tips and approaches for creating engaging video content

Keep in mind, engaging video content doesn’t have to be in a movie format where you are shooting live action. You know, a full production with a screen play, story board, director, the works. I’m exaggerating a bit here, but don’t get hung up on trying to win the next academy award for your short subject video.

Effective video for a small business video campaign can be as simple as capturing a series of power point slides and still photographs with a little bit of music and pleasing frame transitions or fades (disolves) to provide a professional looking polish.

  • Business Advertisement – Video Commercial
    When you create a commercial for your business, the basic formulas work best. You can always branch out and try more clever ideas once you get your feet wet.
    Try to focus on the key problems that your product or service solves. Your market research should help you identifiy the hot buttons in your target market. Focus mostly on your product or service benefits, not as much on product features. Specifically, when your product or service helps solve the customer’s problem, describe how this benefits the customer.
    The basic content format can simply be a few bulleted slides that enumerate these key problems and issues for your market niche. Then transition to the solutions, answers and benefits. And always wind up with a call to action.
  • Testimonial Video
    A filmed testimonial of a satisfied customer provides great video content. Have your customer briefly explain in their own words how your product or service helped them solve their problem, and why they’re pleased and satisfied working with your company.
  • Repurpose Article Content to Video
    Small and local businesses often have a website up for some time before they take the plunge and jump into videos. If you already have a business website, chances are you probably have created a few articles or pages of descriptive content about your business, products or services. If you’ve done some article marketing, even better.
    You can easily repurpose content from and article and turn it into a video. In fact, most 500 to 700 word articles will actually contain more content than you want to put into a single video. That’s no problem, you can spread the article contents across a series of two or three videos if necessary.
    Remember, keep videos short and sweet. One to three minutes in length is an ideal range. Any longer than 3 minutes and you’ll have a harder time engaging most viewers with a short attention span.
    Capture a series of bulleted slides that contain the key points from your article. Then fill in the detail with a voice-over narration. Fill in one or two still photographs for interest and visual appeal if possible.
  • How-to and Tips Videos are always popular
    Almost every business type has an opportunity to provide how-to training guides. And your target clients will gladly consume this helpful information.
    For example, if you have a catering business, share some simple tips on how to work with a catering company to insure that next party goes off without a hitch. Or landscapers can provide a few gardening tips. Maybe you have a clothing boutique, a how-to video on clothing stain removal is a useful guide for your market.
    Here’s an example of a granite countertop care and maintenance how-to video that would be perfect for a granite counterop installer.

Hopefully, that should help get you started with some ideas for video content. There are many approaches that can work great for a small business video marketing campaign. At NewCorridor, we’re here to help with your next video marketing project. We specialize in helping you come up with an effective video marketing message that will show off your business with flair and appeal.

Give us a call to discuss your next video marketing project today!


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