Some Internet Perspective

For your amusement, here’s a little Internet perspective.

If you’ve started to take the Internet for granted, stop and ponder for a moment …

The Internet is the most amazing and magnificent achievement or our time. It has forever changed the way we communicate, interact with eachother and conduct our business. The revolutionary way in which the Internet connects billions of people all over the globe has transformed our culture and our society. There is certainly no turning back now.

Watch the following video, The State of The Internet, from Jesse Thomas. The numbers and statistics are already almost a year out of date, but staggering nonetheless. Marvel at just how pervasive the Internet has become in the digital age.

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from JESS3 on Vimeo.

I particularly find astounding …

  • 90 Trillion emails sent on the Internet in 2009. We have difficulty comprehending numbers this large. That’s around 247 Billion emails sent per day.
  • Unfortunately, 200 Billion emails sent each day are SPAM. That’s almost 80% of email sent is SPAM. A sobering and dissapointing reflection on human behavior if you ask me.
  • 1.73 billion Internet users worldwide. The number is actually 1.96 billion today. Almost 30% of the world’s population is on the Internet (see Internet World Stats)
  • 240 million websites on the Internet as of December 2009. And 123 Million blogs. Over half of the websites on the Internet are now blogs (we understand the power of blogs).
  • 84% of social network sites with more women than men. Gotta love that one!
  • Facebook serves 260 billion page views per month. And the number is even more today. That’s 6 million page views per minute, and an incredible 37.4 trillion page views per year. If you have any appreciation for the infrastructure required, you’re not surprised by the 30,000 servers (and growing)┬áthat Facebook needs to support the traffic volume.
  • How about 400 million people on Facebook. The number is actually north of 500 million today. That’s a little over 25% of the people on the Internet are also on Facebook. Astounding!
  • YouTube serves over 1 Billion videos per day. The average Internet user watches 182 videos per month. 82% of Internet users in the US view videos online. Are people watching videos?

I think you’ll agree, the numbers are astounding. Local businesses, pay attention here. You’re marketing depends on it.


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