SEO for Local Business

Much of what we do at NewCorridor for our customers is SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) with a relentless focus on SEO for small and local business. When we optimize a client’s website for local search, we leverage an extensive practice and understanding of SEO and then tailor everything we know for local search to provide stunning results for our small business clients.

At the same time, when we engage and communicate with our clients, we make an effort to steer clear of the tedious technical aspects of SEO and SEM. Sure, a mastery of the technology is important internally to accomplish what we do, but for our local business clients, it’s pretty dull and boring. Our customers have a business to run and that usually doesn’t include much time to understand the arcane and tedious technical underpinnings necessary to harness SEO and SEM to improve online marketing results.

When it comes to SEO for small business, there’s really only one set of metrics that count and we believe should be interesting to our clients. That’s driving more traffic in the form targeted and qualified leads to their website and converting that traffic to more sales and more profitable revenue to help them grow their business.

Among the myriad of technical elements that we measure; more qualified leads, better conversions and more revenue are the most important results that we track and measure. And that’s what we want our clients to pay attention to when they evaluate the local Internet marketing results we deliver for them.

For local search marketing, we practice a potent strategy that combines local search SEO, video marketing and social media marketing. We call this strategy “Main Street Marketing Power“. And while the underpinnings of putting together this winning local Internet marketing formula is based firmly on top of our SEO and SEM practice, we’d rather not bore you with those details.

We’d prefer to simply dazzle and please you with stellar online marketing results for your local business!


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