Power Of Video Marketing For Local Business

YouTube is the second largest search engine right behind Google (and of course, Google owns YouTube). When we introduce the idea of video marketing to our clients, we often get comments like “oh yeah, YouTube is a popular website to watch cheesy, home-made videos, but I don’t see what that has to do with my business?”.

Yes, you might dismiss YouTube as a video sharing site with a collection of frivolous, low quality video that’s of no interest to anyone, but you’d be missing the point.

Better to think of YouTube as a search engine that focuses on video as the primary content. And search engine means traffic generation. What small business owners often don’t realize is that YouTube presents a powerful marketing opportunity for their local business. YouTube is a tremendous marketing force to contend with online!

Learning how to use video to market a local business online takes some experience and skill (and that’s what we’re here for at NewCorridor), but let’s take a look at the fundamental phenomena to start with.

The following dancing cockatoo draws a lot of attention on YouTube. In fact, so much so, the attention and interest that this talented bird receives has compelled the owner to trademark the bird’s name, Snowball ™.

At 667,553 views to date, while clearly healthy traction, this is actually fairly modest by some counts on YouTube. The owner does have some other videos of Snowball that have drawn even more traffic. For instance, a slightly earlier video of the bird, Our Dancing Cockatoo, has clocked in at over 3,740,782 views to date.

Think about what your business could do with a video that pulls in millions of views! Oh, and by the way, if you have a talented pet like Snowball, perhaps a singing dog, or a performing cat, here’s a piece of advice. Stop what you’re doing right now and just make the pet your small business mascot.

Have a look at the historical view trend for the above video.

Dancing Bird View History on YouTube

Notice that the views and traffic didn’t take off right away. It took almost a full year for the traffic volume to build up, with the biggest acceleration at (B) 5/21/2009. Also consider the staying power of a popular video. There’s a nice steady upward trend almost from the beginning that keeps growing. When you learn how to harness this activity and use video to drive traffic to your website, this can translate into a steady and dependable source of traffic and leads for your small business that keeps growing.

Back to small business marketing opportunities with video. Let’s connect the dots. There actually is a business behind this dancing bird video. Bird Lovers Only is a non-profit charitable organization that provides refuge and rescue for unwanted, neglected, abused and special needs birds. Now the connection makes a little more sense, don’t you think?

Perhaps Bird Lovers Only is lucky to find a talented dancing bird like Snowball, but this is a great example of effective video marketing that any small or local business can learn from. With a little creativity, there are many ways to tie video in to your local business marketing efforts.

By the way, the most viewed YouTube video of all time is currently “Lady Gaga – Bad Romance” clocking in at 211,011,515 views and counting. I shudder to think what the PPC costs might look like if you were to buy that volume of traffic.

If you think it’s time to start thinking about video marketing for your local business, contact NewCorridor. We should talk!


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