Mobile Marketing Trends For Small and Local Business

For small and local business, mobile phone devices are  quickly becoming your strongest option fpr communicating with your target market in the most relevant and interactive way. And you may be surprised how easily you can multiply your marketing reach on just about any mobile network and device out there today.

Smart mobile phones are readily available throughout the market place and have become an excellent platform for mobile phone marketing. And just how prevalent are smart phone devices? Nielson predicts that 1 in 2 Americans will have smartphones by Christmas 2011. And if the numbers don’t have you salivating, even more attractive to small and local business is the economical (easy on the budget) and efficient (save time and energy) aspect of mobile marketing.

If you haven’t noticed, today’s modern consumer doesn’t leave home without their mobile phone (sorry American Express). The smartphone places all the convenience of the Internet and the home PC right at your finger tips everywhere you go. People no longer need to be tethered to their home computer to be able to search for and purchase their favorite items from stores.

This new mobile consumer is free to carry out all sorts of transactions while on the go. Which naturally creates a new way to market using text based messaging to reach consumers on their mobile phones. Mobile marketing makes use of mobile e-mail marketing and advertising, mobile phone text messaging, mobile phone as well as Internet web sites, location specific promotion along with mobile advertising.

The future advertising trend is definitely going to be mobile phone promotion. The massive amount and sheer size regarding sales volume will be tremendous and is rapidly approaching parity with e-commerce.

Our modern society has clearly grown a lot more mobile. Most people carry a cellular phone today and for many (think generational)  the preferable means of contact is simply by way of a text message. This is the precise tactic now being implemented by local business using mobile marketing.

The primary targets associated with mobile promotion include:

  • Smartphone apps or other interactive gadgets that are speeding up ideas and conversations.
  • Customer care for almost everything.
  • Convenient video cameras for end users as well as standardization regarding products and more sharing platforms for social interaction.
  • Q-Codes, short codes for discounts and freebies through real time mobile coupons.
  • Soon even your health care provider will offer services through mobile devices making it easy to schedule and touch base for critical care needs.

Many more local and small businesses are beginning to choose the mobile channel to provide information about their specific services, for example via mobile text messaging. Your targeted prospects and customers can conveniently receive messages regarding the hottest tv show or movie, or release of new clothing styles. These are all announced via a simple sales message to let folks know about a particular product, service, promotion, or available release date.

The volume of traffic your web page receives by way of mobile phones is now being tracked by the major search engines in order to start ranking these mobile ready sites. If you’re a small or local business, you need to pay attention to mobile phone marketing.

If you’re interested in finding out more about mobile marketing and mobile advertising for your local or small business, visit these links:

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