Local Internet Marketing for Small Business

The promise of the Internet for small and local business can mean a broad, global reach worldwide that somehow levels the playing field for tiny businesses all the way up to the largest, multinational companies alike. We even see television commercials in the US promoting the idea – a small shoe store somewhere in Nigeria fulfilling an online order for a women somewhere in the US shopping online.

A broad global reach may be the goal and objective for some local businesses. But for most local and small business, effectively reaching the local market is far more important.

The Internet marketing focus that local business needs to leverage is how to reach their local market. This means when local prospects and customers are searching online for businesses nearby, whether it be a dry cleaner, a home remodeling contractor, a reputable house painter, a tire store, … they find your business first.

We call this local search and this has become a critical marketing strategy for small and local business. Consumers are abandoning traditional offline tools such as the YellowPages in favor of searching online for local businesses nearby. Studies show that 82 percent of people using local search follow up their research with offline action, including in-store visits, phone calls, e-mails and purchases. And that same study documented that 61 percent of those using local search eventually made purchases.

If figuring out how to stand out on the Internet for your market in a global, worldwide competitive space seems daunting and out of reach for most small and local businesses, dominating local search for your small business should be easier, right?

While achieving successful local Internet marketing results for small business is certainly easier than dominating a similar market online for a national or worldwide global reach, the fact is that many small and local businesses struggle with local Internet marketing as well.

It’s not as easy as it looks or we’re led to believe. At NewCorridor, we provide a powerful combination of proven Internet marketing strategies specifically tuned for local online marketing that help small and local business dominate local search in their respective local markets.

We call this Main Street Marketing Power for Small and Local Business. A set of online strategies specifically engineered for local marketing that combine local search, social media, and video marketing with a synergy that can often catapult a local business to page one dominance on Google.

And this means a flood of new leads and new customers that expands profitable revenue for your local business.

Contact us if you’re interested in finding out more about how our brand of local Internet marketing can benefit your business.


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