Catch The Local Search Marketing Wave

One of the great joys of living here in Southern California is our close proximity to the ocean. Whether it’s a drive up the coast taking in the beautiful expansive view of the Pacific ocean, a relaxing day at the beach soaking up some rays, or an exhilarating swim riding the waves, just knowing the water is there gives me an open sense of freedom, serenity and comfort.

Speaking of waves, have you ever watched surfers try and catch a wave?

I actually don’t board surf  (maybe one of the few Californians that doesn’t), but I can relate to body surfing (riding the waves without a surf board).

Catch The Wave

Learning how to catch the next wave and enjoy the great ride has a lot to do with good timing. It’s almost impossible to chase a wave that’s already passed you by. And if you get too far out in front of a breaking wave, it will just crash down on top of you.

You have to be in just the right position allowing the new swell to rise beneath you. Then start swimming furiously as the wave forms, and almost drop into the curl over the top as the wave begins to break.

And make no mistake, the wave rules. If you want to ride the wave, it’s up to you to figure out how to catch the wave, a combination of a little skill, the right position, and good timing.

As I was driving down Pacific Coast Highway the other day I couldn’t help but watch a couple of surfers paddling around, waiting to catch a few waves for a couple of pretty decent rides.

And it struck me that trying to catch a wave in the ocean has similarities to catching the next important business wave. In business, the ability to catch a wave is very powerful.

Unfortunately, most local businesses miss out on the important business waves completely. To extend the analogy, too many business owners keep paddling around with their timing way off, missing one wave after another.

And when they finally do decide it’s time to jump on board and ride the wave, the big ride is already over.

Specifically, when it comes to marketing, most small businesses are too far behind the wave, instead of being in the right position, just ahead of the breaking point and on top of the wave.

If you can get ahead of the wave and anticipate the meaningful marketing trends ahead of time, you can turn a couple of surfing tricks of your own.

Local search marketing is the next big wave for small business. We see too many local businesses simply missing out entirely on this significant marketing wave.

And for those small businesses that are aware of the local search marketing wave, we see an awful lot of exhausting paddling around as they struggle to actually catch the wave and benefit from the ride.

At NewCorridor, we’d like to help you catch the local search marketing wave and start driving more business to your door.


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