Mobile Marketing Suggestions For Your Local Business

A mobile phone marketing campaign can be one of the most effective ways to promote and market your small business. Contrary to what many small business owners believe, mobile marketing is not as difficult as you might think. In fact, it may be one of the least difficult and most cost-effective forms of marketing that you can put into action today. However, be aware that you can easily waste your time and resources if you go about it the wrong way.

Here are several pointers that small businesses can easily follow to take their mobile marketing and cell phone advertising plans to the next level:

1. Games and Contests

Communicating to your market by text message is proving to be highly effective for small and local business. Conducting a contest by text message (often referred to as “Text-to-Win”) has proven to be very successful marketing strategy with small business owners. Here’s how this works. Essentially a variation of a prize drawing, the object is to get people to text a message via their cell phone to a designated SMS (Short Message Service) code. By doing this, the prospect enters your contest or drawing for a chance to win a prize. Here’s the magic. Once they send the text message to your service, they effectively opt-in and you now have their cellular phone number so that you can continue to marketing to them via text message campaigns.

Prize drawings deliver such outstanding results for a variety of reasons. These campaigns are rapid and tend to generate confirmations almost instantly. A good prize drawing mobile campaign can also generate good buzz, shoppers will spread the word. And you are creating a new prospect database (or list) simultaneously as you go.

It’s important that you provide an enticing prize so you can draw people in. You don’t necessarily have to give away the farm. Often you can create appeal with a low cost offer like a “free dinner” at your restaurant, or a “free facial or massage” at your day spa. Keep in mind, even if you offer a more expensive give-away, you will attract hundreds or possibly thousands of prospects who want to enter for a chance to win the prize. However, with only one individual prize winner, this still results in a very economical marketing campaign. And you retain a powerful list of people in your list that you can continue to target with your mobile marketing campaigns.

2. Mobile Lists are Social

Text message lists are an easy way to establish client interaction along with developing your following. As you develop your brand and reputation in your market, people will join your list in order to keep up with specials, offers, promotions and news about events that you have on the calendar. These lists take on a social nature similar to a club, such as a VIP members club. This is as easy as prospects and customers opting-in in order to get regular text notifications on their cell phone regarding new products, in-store sales along with cellular coupon codes intended for in-store redemption. This is permission marketing to your targeted market at its best.

If you’re a local brick and mortar business, mobile lists are a fantastic way to stay in touch with all your purchasers and be sure everybody is up to date regarding what is going on in your company.

When you market to your mobile list, this process will definitely continue to keep these people returning to your business for more!

And marketing to your mobile list is much simpler and often less work than publishing full newsletters, or well thought out blog posts on a continuous basis. Remember, text messages are only 160 characters. Short and simple works best! How difficult is it to come up with a two sentence announcement, message, or special promotion several times a week? For example, a simple message like “come see the latest dresses we just got in, first 10 people in the store this afternoon receive a 10% discount”. You get the idea!

3. Mobile Based Text Polls and Voting

There’s no better way to qualify your target market than to simply ask them questions. Find out what their needs are, what are they looking for. What do they like, dislike. What’s the top problem they’re trying to solve. What’s their biggest issue, etc? Rather than guess the wants and needs of your target market, just ask them.

The easiest way to provide customers with products and services they want is simply ASK them what they really want.

Do you need suggestions or perhaps ideas on your new product lines from your shoppers or maybe the general public on the whole? Textual content voting could possibly be your solution mainly because it means that you can engage with customers and find invaluable feedback on products and services or maybe the store experience.

Did you know that cell phone promotion makes it possible for you to easily and efficiently conduct text message voting? Consumers carry their mobile phones with them virtually 24 hours 7 days per week. You would be surprised the response you’ll see when you send out a quick poll or question for voting.

And when you craft an effective poll, you’re allowing your customers to provide their thoughts and recommendations on products and services they want to purchase. Enabling a means for your customers to actually vote on particular components of your small business, you will actually generate more trust and confidence that will take you a long way.

Also remember, people love to offer their opinion. With a well-crafted poll, you’ll draw new prospects to your mobile list that you can market to on an ongoing basis. Polls and voting by text message are another form of opt-in that enables permission based marketing.

These are a few of the best mobile marketing strategies that you can put to work today for your business. If you’d like to find out more about harnessing the power of mobile marketing for your small or local business, contact NewCorridor today!


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